Post Auction Feedback Questionnaire

IP Auctions Inc. would like to thank you for visiting our most recent auction. We are hoping to get some feedback from you on this auction. If you can provide brief answers to the following questions, we will use the information to improve our product offerings, and on the auction process itself. All information you provide is confidential.

1. How would you describe your role in the intellectual property field?

2. What prompted you to visit our Auction?

3. What auction items sparked your interest today?

4. Did the auction provide enough information to properly evaluate the product offering? If not, please provide some details on what information you thought was lacking.

5. After reviewing the auction, if you left without providing a bid we would like some feedback on making the product offering more attractive to you. What caused you to visit the auction and pass on placing a bid? Was there a problem with the bidding process? Was it convenient to sign up? Any other suggestions?

6. Would this have been an auction you would have placed on bid on if the Seller provided attractive financing with a down payment option and terms to pay off the balance providing you with an extended payment plan?

7. Finally, we would like feed back based on our present down economy. Would you have seriously considered this purchase in a better economic environment? If not, please provide other feedback on why.

IP Auctions would like to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and help us better prepare for future auction activity.

IP Auctions Inc. CEO’s Thanks for your Feedback Sweepstakes

To reward you for taking time out to help us with your feedback, Ip Auctions CEO, Joe Popolo would like to enter you into our iPhone sweepstakes where you could win a new Apple G3 iPhone. We will do one random drawing per quarter from all of the names submitting feedback and one lucky recipient with win a new Apple G3 iPhone courtesy of Ip Auctions Inc.

Please fill out the following fields to enter the Apple iPhone Sweepstakes-

Full Name
Phone Number
Email address

Mailing Address

The contest will run quarterly, multiple entries will be disqualified. We will contact one lucky winner after the drawings are completed. Good Luck!!

Joe Popolo
Ip Auctions Inc. CEO

Additional comments can be sent directly to IP Auctions CEO, Joe Popolo at or via our toll free number in the U.S., 866-826-1300.






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