Researching International IP Sources

As a part of our due diligence responsibility for possible buyers of IP, we are providing additional resources to visitors. We have direct links to several major Intellectual Property Offices around the world. Providing this additional service insures buyers and sellers have an opportunity to find maximum value in the IP offered through ipAuctions, Inc.

The following organizations can provide the vital specifications and details of ownership of IP :

Patent Offices

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      US Patent and Trademark Office

      USPTO Patent Database

      European Patent Office

      EPO Patent Database

Copyright Offices

      US Copyright Office

Intellectual Property Offices

      JAPAN Intellectual Property Office

      Canadian Intellectual Property Office

      Korean Intellectual Property Office

      Singapore Intellectual Property Office

      Australian Intellectual Property Office

      World Intellectual Property Organization

Judicial Information

      Federal Circuit Decisions

Venture Capital tools

       Venture Beat

      National Venture Capital Association

      Mid-Atlantic Venture Association

IP Technology and News Sources

      National Technology Transfer Center

      IP Society

      MIT Technology Review


      NASA Tech Briefs

      Current Partnering - Source of best practice for deal makers







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