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United States Bankruptcy Courts Numerous United States Bankruptcy Courts have approved IpAuctions for the sale of Chapter 7 intellectual property assets. These auctions included patents, trademarks, copyrighted materials, domain names, and financial instruments.
University of Nevada in Las Vegas The University of Nevada in Las Vegas sold a valuable medical patent by IpAuctions. The University Research Foundation also selected IpAuctions because of our diverse database of intellectual property investors.
Knobbe, Martens, Olsen and Bear LLP intellectual property law firm Knobbe, Martens, Olsen and Bear LLP, the major west coast intellectual property law firm, selected IpAuctions to monetize six neutraceutical patents for the firm.
LotoWorld Inc. Privately held common stock of this world-wide supplier of lottery products were sold on behalf of an early investor in LotoWorld Inc. LotoWorld, Inc. is a worldwide lottery and gaming industry corporation engaged in the acquisitions, management and expansions of online lottery and gaming operations in emerging markets, by providing state of the art solutions and services.
Megaxess, Ltd. Megaxess, Ltd. was a high tech firm based in Germantown, MD. The firm had developed numerous patents in the networking market. When Megaxess was forced into bankruptcy, their Bankruptcy Trustee's choice for liquidating their portfolio was IpAuctions.
TFS Ltd TFS Ltd, a privately held Connecticut based company, selected IpAuctions to liquidate a state of the art software package at auction. This corporation is a leading direct marketing firm, specializing in "live" order-taking, up-selling and fulfillment.
Cell Works Inc. had focused on developing cancer therapeutics and diagnostics tools. Six U.S. medical patents were sold, including one associated with a liver cancer therapeutic drug that has already been granted orphan drug status by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
IpAuctions Inc. and Tranzon Fox auction companies collaborated to sell the worldwide biotherapeutic patents previously owned by Cell Works Inc. The 2 lots of 30 US and Foreign patents sold for a combined total of $318,600.






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